What strange times we’re currently living in!


Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine that we would be in this scenario of no clubs, no raves, and a strange middle ground of socially distanced events which some people seem to like but even more seem to hate!


The Underground in Hanley, Stoke on Trent has been hit seriously hard as you can imagine and with this in mind, we wanted to help as much as we could to come up with a concept where The Underground could open and we could get the citys top DJ’s to play to those who need to hear some great music, see some familiar friendly faces and be able to enjoy quality drinks at the same time.

As many of you will appreciate, turning a live music venue/nightclub into more of a bar vibe is not that easy. So we’ve put together a great drinks menu that will have something for everyone, ranging from some top craft beers to some quality gins & rums that should keep the most avid alcohol; fanatic content.

So we have a bit of a middle ground here. Club DJ’s on a club soundsystem playing bar vibes with bar quality drinks. For those of you that have missed out over lockdown and it’s restrictions, hopefully this will be a welcome light at the end of the tunnel.


Obviously numbers will be limited to match the socially distanced table and seating arrangements, so we’ll do our best to accommodate and refine our operation and procedures as we go.


We will make it to the other side folks. With a bit of love and understanding in the meantime, we’ll reach a brighter day <3